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Daily Bull 7.18.17: TCU Coach Gary Patterson thinks Texas A&M leaving hurt the Big 12

What a crazy guy!

TCU v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

HALL O FAME FAME. The Texas A&M Athletics 2017 HOF class is out, and it’s another cap for Von Miller’s festively-decorated headgear. Joining the Sackmaster is another football legend, Antonio Armstrong (RIP), track star Jessica Beard, WBB star Danielle Adams, Eric Sehn from Diving, and Jim Hacker, baseballer. The ceremony will be in September.

CHARTS N GRAPHS N CHARTS N GRAPHS N CHARTS N GRAPHS N- Okay, yeah they’re usually boring AF. It’s a shame to spoil the unpredictability of college football with formulas and reams of quotients and shit. Some people enjoy it more than the actual sport part. Whatever gets you your jollies; that’s fine. But here’s an almost-interesting look at predicted finish vs. actual finish in the conference on the heels of SECMD. Good news! The Ags are in the middle of the pack, as always. But definitely NOT the most overhyped or the biggest sleeper. COACH GOT ‘EM JUST WHERE HE WANTS ‘EM.

EVERYBODY HURTS SOMETIMES. TCU firebrand Gary Patterson broke the Big 12 Code of Secrecy and Adherence to Message yesterday and spoke some harsh truth that Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 may have actually hurt the conference, not helped it. Patterson was then whisked away by FOX Sports robotic pseudo-cattle and shuttled to Bob Bowlsby’s Underground Reeducation Lair for indoctrination courses and homemade lasagna.


Is Gary Patterson correct? Would the Big 12 conference be stronger with Texas A&M in it?

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