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18 Texas A&M Offensive Linemen Snubbed by Rimington Trophy Watchlist


NCAA Football: UCLA at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

As we learned yesterday, Awards Season is in very full swing, and everyone’s nominated. Hundreds of players from all over the country. More than you could shake a stick at, or name, or even watch meaningful action of in any given season. Everyone was nominated except for these 18 hard-working Ags who have been inexplicably given the cold shoulder. With a total of nearly 100 players on the watchlist, it’s rather suspect that the legendary Aggie offensive line could only manage one player.

The rebuffed Aggie offensive linemen include Riley Anderson, Carson Green, Austin Anderson, Cagan Baldree, Erik McCoy, Dan Moore, Jr., Robert Congel, Drew Beakey, Justin Dworacyzk, Braydon Talbert, Connor Lanfear, Grayson Reed, Adrian Wolford, Jared Hocker, Kellen Diesch, Koda Martin, Ryan McCollom, and Keaton Sutherland.

Some would argue that the Rimington Trophy is for the position of center only, and that is why so many Aggies were cruelly spurned. Well, to those folks we say that Colton Prater, the only Aggie who even made this watchlist, hasn’t ever played center at A&M, and our starting center, Erik McCoy, was among those mercilessly shut out from consideration. WHERE ARE YOUR EXCUSES NOW, MR. RIMINGTON?

The Aggies face off against fellow Rimington Watchlister Scott Quessenberry and his UCLA Bruins on Sunday, September 3rd.

The Mackey Award watchlist was also announced today, but it is for an imaginary position called “Tight End” and therefore not worthy our discussion.