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AGGIE NEWSLETTER: June 2017 update from Chill Byrne

He’s back! Say hello to your favorite correspondent/athletic director (now retired)

Look who’s back.

HOWDY! Are we still saying that? I dunno, hard to keep up. I’ve got my hands full here in retirement, spending time with the grandchildren and whatnot. I’ve got trips to McDonalds, cartoon marathons, and minigolf daily. And then I go and pick up the kids! Hey! Anyway, you know I still follow Aggie sports faithfully so I thought I’d keep you posted on my impressions.

HOW BOUT THAT BASEBALL TEAM, EH? It was a close one, but Childress and the boys managed to pull it off again to advance to yet ANOTHER Super Regional. May not have been pretty, but this team has grit. I haven’t seen that many Aggie bros so relieved to escape a group of determined Cougars since the Class of ‘94 Pi Beta Phi reunion a few years back descended on Carney’s just as the happy hour crowd was leaving.

SPEAKING OF STRIKING OUT/ NOT SCORING ENOUGH, unfortunately Aggie Softball’s season is over after coming up a bit short against UCLA. It was a great season, though! They made their first trip to the WCWS since 2008. This included a dramatic series win over Tennessee in the Super Regional before getting trounced 8-0 by Florida in the elimination round. And before you rush to judgement, going completely inept on offense isn’t always a bad strategy against Gators sports teams. Just ask Mizzou Football:

SO I HEAR KEVIN SUMLIN IS ON THE HOT SEAT?? You people are crazy! He’s never even had a .500 year, much less a losing one. Hell, I had a six-year, $22MM extension all printed up and ready for Mike Sherman to sign back in 2011 if he’d have finished 8-5. We live in wild times!

And what’s this about Chip Kelly replacing Summy? Last time a guy named Chip tried to talk about the direction of the Aggie Football program he ended up with a permanent spot in the TAILGATE.

WHILE WE’RE ON THE SUBJECT OF THAT SCHOOL IN AUSTIN, apparently someone over at That Other Orange-ish Website took umbrage at something a high school kid said on Twitter and wrote a lengthy treatise on the nuances of recruiting industry position rankings, proper social media humility etiquette, and resurgent state pride. All based on a few tweets by a teenager! Throw in this entire post about a 20-second video clip of, well...a video board, and boy it makes me wish Twitter had been around when I was kicking off my Wednesday Weeklies. I could’ve bombarded The 12th Man with so much dang content!

Heck, I just think it’s impressive that That School Over By The State Capitol managed to get the top two safeties in the state to commit, and TexAgs didn’t even have to make a documentary about either of them for that to happen!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. I’ll just leave you with one of my favorite performances by the FTAB, inspired by my dear pal Jimmy Buffet. As General Patton once said, “give me an army of Parrotheads and I’ll win a battle; give me a handful of FTAB guys playing Margaritaville and honey, I’ll rock your socks off.” See you next time!