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Daily Bull 6.5.17: Happy Monday Sports

Aggie sports on a Monday: just what you needed

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Border Patrol BORSTAR Team Searches for Dying Illegal Immigrants Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

INCLEMENT-’TINE: The Houston Regional final of the NCAA Baseball Tourney got bumped back a day because guess what y’all it’s raining in H-Town. The Ags take on the Coogz at noon-oh-four and need one win to advance to the next round. Houston will need to win twice in a row to eliminate the Ags. Let’s knock some balls around.

KEY DEFENDER. LSU doesn’t really need help on defense, but they just got it anyway. Superstar edge rusher Arden Key is re-joining the program after a four-month leave of absence that is shrouded in secrecy. Oh, and he also had shoulder surgery, so he’s freshly-mended. Great. Just what our vulnerable QBs need: to face a dominant sack artist who now has the benefit of some top-secret bionic experimental shoulder that was installed in an underwater lab deep in the Pacific Ocean.

THERE’S A FINE PAIR. Lewis & Clark. Woodward & Bernstein. Hall & Oates. Turner & Hooch. American history is chock-full of power duos, and the Nashville Predators’ unprecedented Stanley Cup run has spawned an unlikely partnership. Jared Leto and Nick Saban are now sharing headlines and shilling for the Preds. ROLL TIDE, GOT AN 8:30 REZ AT DORSIA.

CHOMP. Self-awareness is the most precious commodity in college football. It doesn’t make the knocks any less painful, but it does help them to heal faster. Here’s a glimpse into the tortured soul of a Florida football fan.


You’re headed out to the famous local BBQ joint for an unexpected free lunch courtesy of the boss. It’s June, it’s warm, and you’re sitting outside under the live oaks. You’re on the clock though, so beer isn’t an option. What do you order to drink?

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    iced tea (need that mild caffeine jolt midday)
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  • 9%
    BIG RED (REK was right)
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  • 15%
    another type of Coke (Dr Pepper, Sprite, diet whatever)
    (41 votes)
  • 18%
    water (hydration is key)
    (49 votes)
  • 4%
    other (share, this ought to be interesting)
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