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Daily Bull 6.27.17: Christian Kirk’s future and learning about “The Opening.”


NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Kansas State vs Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO NOW? In a word: “go.” Christian Kirk chatted with a radio station in his home state of Arizona recently about his options for the future. He very diplomatically stated that he’s focused on this season and will evaluate his draft prospects when the last game is over. This is a polite way of saying “sorry, folks, I enjoyed my time in Aggieland, but I am going to the NFL ASAP because I’m a human with dreams.” He’s a lot like Myles Garrett in that it seems his affinity for Aggieland is genuine, but passing up the chance to be a first-rounder is nearly impossible. Best of luck to Kirk both in smashing some A&M receiving records in 2017 and beyond.

SOMETHING SOMETHING CROOTING SOMETHING. I’m told that “The Opening” is a major event in the college football recruiting cycle. “What the heck’s ‘The Opening’?” you may ask. From the official site’s FAQ’s section:

Q: Who attends the Nike Football The Opening Regionals and what is their purpose?

A: Nike Football The Opening Regionals are designed to help elite high school players with college potential advance their football and training knowledge in order to maximize their ability. Participants are taught position-specific and athletic performance drills designed by some of the top NFL football players and sports performance specialists in America, and it is FREE for the athletes. The players will have an opportunity to work with Nike Football Trainers that have molded stars such as Rob Gronkowski, A.J. Green, Antonio Brown,Russell Wilson and many more. In addition, top performers will have a chance to qualify for a spot at Nike Football The Opening Finals, Nike’s four days of dynamic competition for the country’s most elite high school football prospects in July.

So there it is: elite performers work with performance specialists to become more elite. It’s a guarantee! So what are the guys doing?

Q: What will I be tested in? A: The 40-yard dash (twice, fastest time kept), vertical jump (highest jump kept), the 20-yard shuttle (twice, fastest time kept) and the kneeling power ball throw (twice, farthest throw kept).

Oh, so...not really any football-type stuff or scrimmaging or drills, or...

Q: Can I go to a Nike Football The Opening Regional to watch?A: Depends on the venue. At outdoor facilities, all parents and spectators will be allowed to watch the event from a designated viewing area only. Parents and spectators will not be allowed on the field, sideline or track. At indoor facilities space is very limited so viewing room will depend on the venue. We must keep the fields and safe for all participants however we will do our best to provide as much viewing room as possible.

Wait, what the- why on Earth would anyone want to just go watch football players run and jump? What other questions do people ask on this site

Q: How heavy is the Powerball?A: The weight of the Powerball is 6 pounds.

Dude, this lottery is INTENSE. The bad news: you probably can’t just go to one of these and get a seat (should you be so inclined) because seating is limited and there are safety concerns. The good news: anyone can apply to be a volunteer coach or trainer. That’s what I call a loophole! Bolster up that resume so people will really know that you’re knowledgeable when you talk about hip snap and arm load.

Anyway, here are some of the A&M targets appearing at The Opening (videos in link). This has been your Daily Bull recruiting coverage for this year. Have a fine Tuesday.