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Daily Bull 6.26.17: Someone’s Talking About Playing Texas Again


Texas v Texas A&M Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Happy Monday. Let’s hit a few quickies and get this week started.

THE WORLD’S MOST ENDURING FORMULA. How many different ways are there to write about resurrection of Texas’ biggest sports rivalry? Simple: take the number of weeks that exist between national signing day and Labor Day weekend and multiply by a fucking billion. This is one of your classic hemming-and hawing headlines, but the piece opens bravely with a quote by Joni Mitchell. It only gets more cliched from there. Yet another reason to play the dang football game: we won’t have to devour such excruciatingly crafted styrofoam peanuts like this anymore.

STICK TO SPROTZZZ. Well, those days are over. Life is everywhere now. The Internet is no longer a refuge from the horrid whirlwind of the outside world, and therefore neither are sports. Things are happening all the time, and freshman QB Kellen Mond is not shy about speaking what’s on his mind via social media.

GQ. This is a nice read on the current Aggie Student Body President. Still hasn’t gotten that meeting with Rick Perry, though, despite reaching out. Try some glow sticks, Bobby. I think Perry’s mesmerized by the bright colors.

DON’T FORGET: ESPN HATES US. That’s why they crafted this little diddy.


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