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Daily Bull 6.19.17: Throw Monday into a swimming pool

It’s happening again

The Victoria Baths Hosts Its First Public Swim In 24 Years Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

THE BULLPEN IS MIGHTIER. In Louisville. Ugh, sorry. Stop us if you’ve heard this before: an Aggie team arrived on the biggest stage in its respective sport and proceeded to lay a giant egg for the first portion of the game. Then they began to show signs of life and give fans a faint whiff of hopes for a comeback. Then the other team made adjustments and cruised to a comfortable win. Too soon? We’re just talkin’ ‘bout Louisville’s baseball team yesterday. Not Aggie Football. Or other sports. Happy June. The Ags will now face TCU in the elimination round. WONDERFUL.


PLAY LIKE A CHAMP. Summertime is golf time. Or rather, it’s sit-on-the-couch-on-Sunday-afternoon-in-the-AC-and-watch-golf time. Procrastinate on that project you were supposed to tackle over the weekend. Keep at bay the dread associated with the upcoming work week. Maybe catch a nap if the mood suits you. Shooter got us up to speed on the trio of Ags taking on the US Open this past weekend, and a tip of the perfectly starched visor to Cameron Champ for having a nice couple of opening rounds.

ART IMITATES LIFE. Folks, brace yourselves. Tom Herman has apparently done something tremendously awesome again: he let a bunch of kids manhandle him and throw him into a pool. This is an extremely savvy move on his part, because recruits absolutely love the notion of having tacit school approval of being able to physically embarrass a middle-aged dude in the national media. As if he needed any help in the first place. Imagine the absolute singularity of focus that allows a fanbase to channel these sorts of absurd shenanigans into such unfettered optimism. It’s inspiring, really. Just be careful, Longhorns: it’s not the first time a coach has gotten the masses all riled up in the summertime with recreation activities involving pool.


What would Bear Bryant have done to the Junction Boys if they had tried to throw him into some water?

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  • 36%
    Forced night march through desert scrub barefoot with 50-lb packs
    (118 votes)
  • 13%
    Made them eat their weight in cactus
    (45 votes)
  • 28%
    "You like swimming? Swim in this Llano River swimmin’ hole with a known water moccasin nest nearby."
    (91 votes)
  • 11%
    Timed swim in giant vat of pebbles
    (36 votes)
  • 10%
    Signed waivers for transfers to Texas
    (33 votes)
  • 0%
    other (share)
    (2 votes)
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