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Daily Bull 5.8.17: Another Hall of Fame Monday

Dat Nguyen

OUCH. After trouncing Mississippi State on Thursday to open the series, Aggie Baseball dropped the next two over the weekend. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the team gets a midweek break in advance of a road trip to Oxford this weekend, where baseball is still technically considered a drinking game and seersucker is strongly encouraged after the Easter break old chap.

THAT #MOCK #GRIND #N3VERSL33PS. The 2017 NFL Draft is days old. Gotta shovel mountains of coal into that mawing content furnace and start predicting the 2018 draft a good four months before any of the players step out onto a field for their final collegiate season that will last from 12-15 games. Here’s a no-brainer: ten SEC players who may get drafted in the first round. Yes, that included [interchangeable Florida OL], [interchangeable LSU RB], [interchangeable Alabama entire defense], and yes, even [interchangeable Texas A&M WR]. Nice to see Armani Watts crack the honorable mention, though.

PUF PUF GIVE. On this, we can agree. How do you get Texas A&M and Texas officials to start singing the same tune? Couple ways: start talking about the cost model analysis of renewing the football rivalry, or threaten to allow someone else to dine from their cookie jar. In this case, the Texas legislature had the audacity to broach the subject of—GASP—Texas Tech and U of H being potential beneficiaries of the Permanent University Fund. Needless to say, Texas A&M Chancellor/image consultant/brand ambassador John Sharp was Johnny-on-the-Spot, materializing in a radiant maroon mist to add his meticulously groomed soundbyte:

"For more than a century, outstanding universities have been a source of pride for Texas and for very good reason," Sharp said. "We have in Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin two of the finest public universities not just in the nation, but the world."

Sharp then snapped his fingers, smiled, and was beamed to his next destination: wherever he was needed most to maximize the reach of Texas A&M University while maintaining the integrity of this fine institution.

STICK TO SPROTS. OK, back to it. Just another ho-hum weekend for THE MOST LEGENDARY AGGIE LINEBACKER IN HISTORY. If you’re scoring at home, tick another mark off the list, as he’s one HOF closer to being inducted into every conceivable Hall of Fame known to man. Saturday night he was made a member of the Texas High School Hall of Fame. We’re talking about Dat Nguyen of course here, folks. And congrats to rcb05 for being allowed to write the tweet for AggieFBLife.

Have a jovial Monday.


What would you sacrifice to have a Dat Nguyen-caliber linebacker for the next four seasons?

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    Attending games at Kyle Field (just watch on TV instead)
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  • 27%
    A vice (can always find another imho)
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    Favorite food (sorry Layne’s)
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  • 4%
    Listening to music (become a fussy podcast junkie)
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  • 7%
    other—-I know we’ll get creative here
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