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Texas A&M Baseball will play Baylor on Friday

The winner will face the winner of U of H vs. Iowa

The Baylor Bears mascot Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Congratulations! We’ve made it through the frantic spring and have now limped across the Memorial Day line into another endless summer. Three full months in the full echo chamber off-season treatment ought to get us all sufficiently worked into a lather just in time for the UCLA game.

Unless you want to watch some Aggie Baseball. The team backed into postseason play as one of the last four into the tournament. We’ll understand if you’re not thrilled: the Ags have lost eight of their last ten. Just weeks ago in mid-season form they were clipping along and looking invincible after a slow start to the season. They won 19 out of 23 at one point and were jostling for the top spot in the conference. Then the baseball equivalent of November hit.

So we’ll get it if you’re not super-excited about the prospect of yet another Aggie sports team disappointing you down the stretch. We’ve all seen this movie before: high hopes, redemption, an unlikely young hero...then the curtain drops and everything goes wrong. Fundamentals go by the wayside, frantic mistakes multiply upon each other, and it all slips away slowly and excruciatingly right before our eyes even though we knew better than to build up any sort of embers of hope again.

Fortunately, we’ve drawn an opponent that not only is a former conference rival located just a couple hours down the road, but one that has the ability to rally all fans, regardless of affiliation, around the maroon and white. This isn’t your usual NCAA tourney pairing against some mid-major from somewhere you’ve never heard of. This time it’s different. This time we play Baylor.

Stay tuned for your baseball previews.