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Daily Bull 5.3.17: Fatherhood

How do you make a Daily Bull?

NRA Celebrates Firearms at Annual Meeting In Atlanta Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

This was the only image of fatherhood I could find in the database.

I rarely participate in our daily link roundups and they’ve been really good this year. Maybe those things are related. Thanks to Rush, Jimmy, Chuck and Wes for giving us something to read semi-regularly during a painful offseason. Leave comments when those guys write stories because it’s fun to privately make fun of what you say. Track is looking nice.

We have a little baby at home which is the only thing I know or talk about any more. She’s been saying da-da a lot which is really fun but I am now sure it’s her word for “I pooped, y’all.” Changing diapers is the one thing I have control over as a parent and person in general. It was something I dreaded heading into parenthood but now it’s what I am known for and I take pride in it. I am the disseminator of all poop findings in my household. “She loves peas, you should see this poop.” “I think she may be getting sick, where did I put that book?” “We need to burn her wardrobe and mine.” Share your poop diaper stories in the comments.

Alright, that’s what’s going on here. This is what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

Aggie Baseball defeated Houston Baptist 8-2 at Blue Bell Park last night. Here’s the postgame and highlights.

Omnisport’s Ron Clements looked ahead to the 2018 NFL Draft and rated Texas A&M wide receiver Christian Kirk #2. The Aggies are probable to continue the streak of first-round picks next year which will wash away the stink of a 7-win season.

Aggie Athletics held its Building Champions Awards gala at Kyle Field on May 1st. Here’s some video from the event.