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Daily Bull 5.22.17: Super Not Caring About Texas

big deal we beat some team no one cares about

Texas fans

WHO CARES, ET. AL.? If you hopped onto social media yesterday, you probably saw that it was chock-full of folks not carin’ one bit about Texas A&M beating Texas in softball to advance to the super regional, nope, no Ags at all pay attention to this, they’re not a rival, why would we do them favors by playing them big dumpster fire harf lol, etc.

And that’s softball. Imagine taking a fraction of that satisfaction, translating it to the autumn, and think of the immense and raw happiness you would feel. Bring back the goddamn football game.

SHARPEN UP Y’ALL. Did you ever read a Texas A&M news clipping from the last few years, stumble through a quote from Chancellor John Sharp, and say to yourself: “damn, I wish there was an entire website dedicated to brief video clips of this man making droning pitch-PR-blurbesque statements about obscure Texas A&M system features?” WELL, WAIT NO LONGER. The John Sharp Vidya Site is now LIVE and in full effect. In the first one, he’s sitting on a horse wearing a cowboy hat and it just takes off from there. Don’t forget the handy hashtag that is, yes, also in the URL: #JohnSharpSays. Here is our favorite #JohnSharpSays quote so far:

“I’ve never been in a driverless car before. It’s really disconcerting.”

Pitch on, great pitchman.

WHOA NOW THESE ARE GOOD. The SEC takes a lot of heat for out-of-conference scheduling. And there is still a ways to go (hello giant slate of November FCS foes), but some good progress has been made in the past few seasons. Check out these prime SEC non-con matchups. Auburn-Clemson. Florida State-Bama. Florida-Michigan. And that’s not including Ags vs. UCLA, [patronizing voice] though we’re sure that will be just as exciting for us. Maybe. Hopefully? Anyway here are a few other SEC v. Power Five matchups that didn’t make this list but could be a fun watch:

  • South Carolina vs. NC State (September 2)
  • Arkansas vs. TCU (September 9)
  • Ole Miss vs. Cal (September 16)
  • Vanderbilt vs. Kansas State (September 16)
  • Mississippi State vs. BYU (October 14)

JUST MISSING THE CUT: Mizzou vs. Purdue on 9/16. You know you’d give up a non-vital organ come mid-July for a live taste of that.


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