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New Kid on the Block

NRG Stadium
On top of NRG Stadium

You know you are destined to be an Aggie when at 6 years old, you think cheerleaders standing on the sideline of a football game is weird. I turned to my granddaddy and said, “If we’re the home team, why are there girls on the track and not Yell Leaders.” I grew up on the 2nd Deck of Kyle Field, my grandfather is a 50+ year season ticket holder, my Saturdays in the fall were spent with Aggie football. From a young age, I was raised to be a proud Aggie, elementary school for me was during those infamous Fran years, and naturally I got picked on a lot for being an Aggie. The ridicule and mockery never bothered me; it all was worth getting out of school on Thursdays at noon to make the 2-hour trek to Aggieland. All of this Old Army child rearing led me to attend Texas A&M, I graduated in December of 2016 with a degree in Business, a salty attitude towards anything New Army, and the need to vent my feelings through writing (hence why I’m here).

During my time at Texas A&M I went through the stages of Battered Aggie Syndrome, spent way too much time at the Dixie Chicken, interned in Nashville, and landed a writing gig with the good ol’ boys here at GBH. I got the nickname “Intern Jordyn” from two of my best friends Connie and Michelle a few summers back at a Kenny Chesney concert, it has since stuck and because I am still an intern, it shall stay—I also answer to Intern George due to coworkers at my current gig. I have interned at my current place of employment (will not name so my boss doesn’t yell at me) since September and got to work Super Bowl 51.

Other than Aggie football, I’m an avid baseball fan, beach bum, and sass-master. The only promise I make to my readers is that if you think there is an air of snark in my writing, you’re probably right. I can’t help it nor will I ever change it. I look forward to writing and entertaining the likes of the GBH community (and maybe even getting blocked by a few folks on Twitter).

SuperBowl 51

You can follow me on the twitter @InternJordyn.