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LSU Football Q&A: Spring Football Report

What’s going down in Baton Rouge?

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - LSU v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Summer’s nearly on us, and spring football’s in the books. The Ed Orgeron Era in Baton Rouge is in full swing. We sat down with our buddy Billy from And The Valley Shook to find out how it’s all kicking off.

1. We understand that LSU is actually "OK" at the QB position heading into 2017. What does this feel like?

We're still working through it, to be honest. They say you have to learn to pass yourself before you can learn to let others pass for you, so I just try to take it day by day with a tire swing in my back yard. I hit it once the other day, on purpose even.

2. You lose Leonard Fournette but still have Derrius Guice. Is this basically like downgrading from a Ferrari to a Lamborghini and how many more superhuman running backs do y'all have on the roster?

Guice's classmate Nick Brossette is probably next in line. Y'all probably heard of him -- your ex used to talk him up a lot. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the only freshman back coming in this fall, so he's going to get a lot of carries as well. He's a bit more of the scatback type than we're used to, but with a new offense that might mean he actually gets used a little.

3. What are you most optimistic about heading into the Orgeron Era? What worries you the most?

Honestly, most of the moves he's made, and the way he's structuring the program, hit all the right check marks. Hire the best assistants, invest in recruiting and just focus on being the best you can be in all facets. I think if people saw any other coach do it, they'd be even more excited, but there's a guard up given how Orgeron's Ole Miss tenure went.

In terms of concerns, I think Orgeron's biggest challenge will be finding a consistency level that people can live with, while still fighting the battle that all of are in the SEC. And that's dealing with the monster located in Tuscaloosa. One trap that Les Miles fell into was playing into the fixation, and it became a shadow he never could escape. The fans are never going to let it go, but Orgeron just needs to focus on having his players ready to play the best football possible, every week. If you focus too much on the summit, you lose the path up the mountain.

4. Coach O recently claimed he drinks 8-10 Monster energy drinks per day. Has he built up some strain of swamp immunity that renders him safe from the dangerous side effects, or are you at all concerned for his health?

In this state, Monster Energy's probably one of the healthiest things you can consume. Besides, if he gets a little too jacked up he just burns off the excess energy on a little treadmill that helps keep a few lights on. You have to find ways to make ends meet with budget cuts.