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This Photo Of Tom Herman’s Golf Bag Will Astound You

this is just TOO GOOD

the loneliest golf bag

Amazing. Sources within Good Bull Hunting have recently obtained this crazy photograph of the hip-hoppiest coach’s golf bag sitting all by its lonesome. And since we couldn’t decide on just ONE headline for this insane scoop, here’s our worksheet.

Which Headline Is Best For This Incredible Photograph?

"Tom Herman's Caddy Ran Away To Escape His Fiery Wrath, Now There Is No One To Carry His Clubs"

“Watch Tom Herman Bob His Head To Modern Rap While Swinging Golf Clubs”

“Tom Herman Assigns Entire Football Team To Caddy Duty; They Are Running Late”

“Tom Herman Can't Find A Caddy Who Is Bought-In Enough To Shoulder His Load”

"Tom Herman's Caddy Recommended The Wrong Club So He Made Him Eat A Wad Of Hair For Breakfast"

“Tom Herman Reveals Opinion That Happy Gilmore Is Greatest Golf Movie Of All Time, Companions Instantly Depart”

"Tom Herman Played 9 Holes With His Grill In. Studs Take Notice"

“Tom Herman And Caddy Part Ways After Sharing Heated Debate About Migos”

“Tom Herman And Caddy Part Ways After Sharing Plate Of Underheated Migas”

“Coach Tom Herman Plays Entire Round Of Golf Using Only His 5-7 Irons”

“Herman Removes Numbers From Golf Clubs Until They Perform Better”

“You Won’t BELIEVE How Many Golf Balls His Zippered Pouch Can Carry”

"Tom Herman's Head: First Look at the Coach's Custom Hip Hop Driver"

“Slice Of Life: How Tom Herman’s Golf Bag Personifies Texas Football’s New Culture”

“Ping-Ponged: How Tom Herman Hopes To Step Out Of Predecessor’s Shadow By Playing Different Recreational Sports”

“Where Does Tom Herman Store His Scathing Subtweets? Right Here In This Custom Weatherproof Golf Bag”