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Aggies in the Draft

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Reynolds - WR - Senior

Josh Reynolds’ prolific career as a wideout at Texas A&M didn’t start off as easy as it does for most. Originally recruited by Oregon State, Reynolds’ offer was pulled late in the process, leading him to enroll at Tyler Junior College in the hopes that some big name schools would notice him. Luckily for Texas A&M, they noticed.

Reynolds was one of the most explosive deep-threats Texas A&M had in its arsenal. Spending most of his career under rookie quarterbacks, Josh was able to show his ability to adjust to imperfect throws and haul in balls within his impressively wide catch radius; and while catching some of the balls he has are feats on their own, his ability to pick up yards after the catch is what made him A&M’s #1 WR in receiving yards for two out of his three seasons.

Expect Reynolds to complete his journey from Tyler Junior College to the pros in the 3rd or 4th round of the draft.

Trevor Knight - QB - RS Senior

Trevor Knight is another Aggie who took the long road to Texas A&M. The former Oklahoma starter and Bama beater’s transfer to Texas A&M helped to smooth out the mess left by the departure of both Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen at the quarterback position.

While Knight’s presence in 2016 was sorely needed by the team, his game performances likely didn’t give scouts enough to warrant using a draft pick on him this weekend.

Daeshon Hall - EDGE - Senior

Daeshon Hall is one of the guys Kevin Sumlin loves to mention whenever he talks about the strength and conditioning program at A&M. Hall started his career at A&M at close to 230 lbs, and he’s leaving it at 266 lbs.

Hall has been a solid contributor and is probably the 3rd best DE to play for A&M this decade. Unfortunately Hall doesn’t get enough credit for his terrific play since he’s lining up with Myles Garrett.

Expect Hall to go in the 3rd round.

Justin Evans - S - Senior

This should come as no surprise: Justin Evans is one hell of an athlete.

Seriously, he once did this:

Not only is he athletic, but Justin Evans is one of the hardest hitting safeties to play at Kyle Field. He’s got plenty of range and aggressively finds his way to ball carriers, though sometimes that aggression will cost his team 7 if he bites down on play-action too hard.

Evans is a rough but talented prospect. Expect him to go in the 3rd round.

Avery Gennesy - OT - RS Senior

Avery Gennesy was the lone returning starter on the OL last year, and while he showed some improvement in run blocking and pass protection, it’s not going to be enough to put him in the first two days of the draft. Gennesy is an athletic big man, but he’s lacking in the strength necessary to play meaningful snaps in the pros.

Expect Gennesy to go late 5th, early 6th.

Ricky Seals-Jones - WR - Junior

Ricky Seals-Jones is ending his career at A&M with a much bleaker outlook than you would have expected when the coveted 5 star signed with the program. In his first game at A&M Seals-Jones caught and ran in a 71 yard touchdown from Johnny Manziel, starting with the fireworks everyone expected. Unfortunately his day and his season were cut short by a knee injury that eventually led to surgery and a medical redshirt.

For every highlight Seals-Jones would put on film, there were 4 times as many duds. Seals-Jones was slow off the line, rarely showed any ability to separate from defenders, and too often would drop balls that were well within his catch-radius.

Seals-Jones has all the looks of a prototypical NFL receiver, and that’s probably enough to get him into camp with a team. It likely won’t happen until after the draft is over, however.

Speedy Noil - WR - Junior

Speedy Noil is an incredibly gifted athlete and has all of the physical tools to find himself a roster spot in the NFL, but his mental game may keep him from ever finding one.

In and out of legal trouble while at A&M, the best defender Noil ever faced was himself. Maybe a team will give him a shot given the amount of talent he’s put on display, but it won’t happen until after the draft.

Hardreck Walker - DL - Senior

Hardreck Walker really needed a good pro-day, but unfortunately he got sidelined with a hamstring injury during the early workouts. Expect him to go undrafted.

Jermaine Eluemunor - OG - RS Senior

The British born Jermaine Eluemunor has all of the assets you’d want in an NFL o-lineman. Strength, lateral agility, wide hips.... he has everything but experience. Eluemunor’s major issues are his footwork and hand technique.

Bottom line, Eluemunor could have a prolific career in the NFL if the right coach helps fill the experience gaps. Expect Eluemunor to get picked up in the 3rd round.

Myles Garrett - EDGE - Junior

Why is Myles Garrett last in this list? Because what is there to say about Myles Garrett that everyone with a hot taek hasn’t said already? Enjoy his pro-career for the next 15 years.