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The Daily Bull Thinks You Might Be A Genius

like bond super-villain level plotting

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LI Radio Row Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius XM

As you probably already know, Myles Garrett recently told the Cleveland Browns that if they didn't draft him #1 overall they would live to regret it. Despite a lot of noise about possibly taking Mitch Trubisky instead, it is still almost certain that even football's ultimate sad sacks* won't screw this up. Keep in mind that 90% of what you read about the draft these days is driven by a) one team's desire to send out counter subconscious espionage or b) the NFL creating false drama to convince you that the draft is actually worth watching. (It isn't.)

* Terrible teams are often described as "the Cleveland Browns of _____". When you are already the bellwether of sports incompetence it is difficult to come up with a new analogy.

There are only two positions to take on this matter.


By calling out the Browns with such aggression, Garrett has evoked a fight-or-flight response in them not unlike that experienced by opposing quarterbacks. Pressure causes both QBs and front offices to make mental errors, like floating yet another first round pick on a quarterback.

Then Garrett doubled down on his gambit by refusing to speak with Booger McFarland.

Sure as an Aggie late-season meltdown the hackneyed thinkpieces rolled in. Suddenly Garrett is a soft, delicate snowflake who isn't ready for the NFL because of his feewings. You know who doesn't put any stock in this kind of bullshit? Clever GMs. Guess what the Browns have never had.

The Browns are getting played by the smartest football player in the 2017 draft. Congratulations to whichever team brokers a trade up with them.


This is also a good point.