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GBH Announces 1st Annual GBH Content Summit

Conference aims to keep GBH competetive in modern media marketplace

Good Bull Hunting is pleased to announce the first of what we hope will be an annual conference aimed at maintaining the edge in an increasingly content-driven media age. The GBH Content Summit - to be held on April 20th in the Holiday Inn Express business center in Lufkin, TX - will feature dozens of workshops and panels to help current and future GBH authors and editors maximize their impact in the sports media universe.

The mastermind behind this power play, World Optimum Marketing Products Inc.’s Senior VP Marketing Strategy Analyst Manager Chet Norsworth, released this statement today:

Gone are the days of unique original content and satire that pushes the envelope and challenges the reader; this is the age of easily-digestible media. The GBH Content Summit looks to turn that chewy ribeye of thought provoking humor into the smooth tapioca of Crying Jordan memes using the Four R’s of sports media: Rote, Repetition, and Remedial Recognition.

It is also important to mend the relationship with the Texas A&M Athletic Department. The only way to provide objective Aggie sports coverage is to do as we are told until the AD grants us access to cover sports in whatever way they tell us to. The insignificant cogs of this media machine must stay in line if the elite are to gain access to the hallowed halls of the Chick-fil-a Bowl media room.

Analyze your content critically and ask ‘will this article resonate with a particular audience?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, start over because you have excluded part of the mass market. We just want to streamline the process - why use 1000 words to say what could be said in four GIFs of fans crying at a basketball game?

And don’t forget the Four C’s: content, content, content, celebrity deaths.

Here is a list of some of the exciting topics to be covered in panels at this workshop. We would like to remind our writers to get signed up and ready to have some fun, and also that attendance is mandatory.

  • Uniform Posts: Unity Through Uniformity
  • Cut Some Slack: and Paste it into Twitter
  • MEMEs: Minimal Effort, Modest Entertainment
  • I Added “And It Was [Hyperbole]” To A Tweet And It Was Amazing
  • Ask Me Nothing: Developing An Audience Through Meaningless Q&A’s About Food
  • Stick To Sports: Remaining Politically Neutral Unless You Agree With Me
  • 100 Aggies You Should Know - And You Won’t Believe Who The 12th Man Is!