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Adidas unveils postseason basketball uniforms and they aren't terrible

You did something right


As has become the norm, Adidas has unveiled alternate basketball uniforms that Texas A&M and several other top Adidas schools will showcase during the postseason, beginning as conference tournaments get underway this week. Slightly deviating from the norm, these uniforms actually seem understated and, dare I say, pretty darn good.

Previous iterations featured hideous horizontal bands on the top of the shorts, which have subsequently become permanent additions to A&M’s uniform over the past two seasons. The 2017 edition ditches that template in favor of a much more traditional look, featuring two vertical stripes on the sides of the jersey and pants. The diagonal truncation of the stripes gives a unique look without being overly gimmicky. More importantly, the promotional images show no signs of the bevel on the numbers or chest wordmark. Perhaps the most “out there” design element is the sublimated Texas star pattern at the bottom of the shorts, but that’s pretty minimal. Overall, good work Adidas!

The Aggies’ uniform is one of several produced by Adidas for the college basketball postseason. Other featured schools include Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi State, N.C. State and Nebraska.

The Aggie men may well be looking at no more than an NIT berth, but at least they’ll look damn good doing it. The women’s team, who are a virtual lock for the NCAA Tournament, will don these uniforms as well.