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Scattershooting - The Offseason

Is today a...what day is it?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-South Carolina vs Baylor
Love Frank the Tank.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Bryant Reeves...

  • The NCAA tournament is by far the best sports tournament around. The best regular season belongs to college football (unless the playoffs expand and fuck that up). The best postseason belongs to the NHL. But throw 68 college fanbases into a three week win-or-go-home tournament, and it makes for wonderful sports viewing. And gambling. Give me the first weekend for the betting experience, and the second weekend for actual college basketball that’s extremely enjoyable to watch.
  • Speaking of gambling on the NCAA tourney, do yourself a favor and spend four days in Las Vegas for the opening weekend at least once in your life. I’ve done it several times over the last 15 years now, and its truly an experience unlike any other. That opening weekend is the biggest weekend for Las Vegas. Bigger than the Super Bowl, NFR, Triple Crown, etc. Convince one of your buddies (the one least likely to get to Vegas alone and pull an all nighter at the craps table hammering Budweiser's and Pall Malls) to fly out Wednesday night, get up at 5:00 am and get in line to grab a table in the sportsbook. Then camp out there all day long on Thursday. Your local sports bar will go quiet when that 14 vs 3 game gets to a 15 point lead, but a sports book is going wild on every shot back and forth. Gamble, drink, yell, provide your body with the tobacco it craves, high five strangers, and soak in the best weekend of sports gambling on the planet. Pro Tip: Pool your money and get a pool cabana on Friday to watch games outside. Your body will crave some fresh air. And vodka.
  • How in the hell do we not have a reality show in Morgantown, WV starring Dana Holgorsen and Bob Huggins? "HUGGY BEAR & THE HOLGO” I'd watch the two of them crank back Red Bulls and Jager shots and then have a diving contest in the pool in Huggy Bear's backyard. I mean we know they're doing this anyway, why not at least get to watch it. And Holgo's skullet fresh out of the pool? Majestic.
  • Really happy to see Frank Martin in the Final Four. While he still has that “I know how to get rid of a dead body” stare, he seems to have calmed down some from his Kansas State days. I think it's because he has to see rabid Will Muschamp everyday. You know Will just unleashes on some poor cafeteria worker all the time. “AGAIN WITH THE F*CKIN CHICKEN SALAD!!!” And Frank’s thinking, man, I don't need to be an asshole like that guy.
  • This Week in Crappy MS Paint
Tom Herman Revitalizes Texas Spring Practice With Super Motivational Tactic Of Removing “Beating Kansas” From Team’s Repertoire
  • I'm here to help you save some time by recapping A&M Spring Practice for you. The upperclassmen have stepped into key roles and are finally showing that size, strength, and maturity you'd expect. The underclassmen are ahead of schedule and could fight for starting spots. The early enrollee freshmen are looking better than anyone expected and you'll have some of them contribute from day one. We are faster, stronger, and more comfortable in the coordinator's systems than we were a year ago. Also paying for recruiting information is still creepy as shit and should be avoided at all times.
  • Its not even July and I miss Brent and Uncle Verne already.
  • We have the Aggie Invitational out at Traditions in Bryan this weekend, and then it's time for The Masters week. So tell me in the comments, favorite golf movie, Caddyshack or Tin Cup? And feel free to share your favorite gif of either.