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Daily Bull 02.08.17 - Extremely Not Sticking To Sports

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here at GBH we pride ourselves on this being a respite from the relentless bombardment of politics, trolls, and general malaise elsewhere on the internet. Sometimes we slip up, but in general we stick to sports and we request that our community acts in kind.

Then again, every once in a while it builds up and we have to hit the release valve before the entire operation detonates under the pressure of one heated take. They've been building up all fall and winter, so let's hit the red panic button and let it all out. Please feel free to close your browser now.

Seriously you can close it now this won't be pleasant for anyone.

Suit yourself then.

[inhales deeply]

  • I heard that Tate Martell got top dollar to go play for Ohio State, which just goes to show that a woman can definitely earn as much as a man.
  • That was cool of Lady Gaga to mend fences with Trump voters by agreeing to wear that adult diaper during the halftime show.
  • He's scared to admit it but the real reason Martellus Bennett isn't going to the White House is that he's afraid of carnies.
  • Between Alabama fans and Richard Spencer this year's White People Taking A Shot To The Face On National TV competition is salty.
  • Ironically Colin Kaepernick is projected to possibly end up in Cleveland where No Lives Matter At All.
  • That wall along the Mexican border is a massive, expensive enterprise involving tons of labor that the White House doesn't intend to pay. Huh, I gotta agree those polls were fake because I never even saw Mark Emmert's name once.

Ugh. Thanks, that's much better. Back to your regularly scheduled jokes about uniforms.