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Top 10 Texas Aggie-related commercials



It’s Super Bowl Sunday (TM), the day when America gathers around their televisions to witness the very best of what the NFL ad agencies have to offer. Months of hard work and planning culminate in just a few short hours, after which a champion will be crowned, and others will be declared a commercial.

Texas A&M, as well as several former Aggie athletes, have had prominent role in the ad game in recent years. But who will come out on top? We break down the Top 10 Aggie-related commercials.

10. Martellus Bennett really wants pizza

The best way to ensure you’re not the worst actor in a commercial is to co-star with Jerry Jones.

9. Kevin Sumlin is crootin’

Sumlin’s appearance is brief, but the brand value of having “YESSIR” splashed across the screen can’t be quantified (though I’m sure the marketing department tried).

8. DeAndre Jordan ain’t got no rings

It’s funny because the Clippers still don’t have rings.

7. Von Miller has a chicken farm

Just in case you didn’t think Von Miller could get any more Aggie.

6. Johnny likes to party

The pretty dire consequences of Johnny Manziel’s partying dropped this one in the rankings, but it’s humorous and has Texas A&M logos eveywhere, so it still deserves a spot on this list.

5. You should start Von Miller

Von’s kind of a weird dude. But he’s our weird dude.

4. Von and Old Spice ad execs is a match made in heaven

Though I wish the A&M football team would drop the “I need to make stuff harder” mantra they seem to always adopt every November.

3. Reveille in a pup tent

What this commercial lacks in humor, it makes up in shoehorning Kevin Sumlin, Reveille and Midnight Yell into one 30-second spot.

2. Johnny Jam Boogie!

One of the rare instances of an athlete being legitimately funny in a commercial. Also, I now want a Snickers.

1. Taco Meat

Never has the A&M/Texas rivalry been captured so succinctly. Poetry in motion, ESPNU.