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Daily Bull 2.27.17

Texas A&M v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Howdy and happyish Monday. HOW ABOUT THE OSCARS NAMSAYIN?

BEISBOL FIESTA. The Aggie baseball team hosted Pepperdine this weekend from DUMPY Malibu. Yuck. If Bowling Green was taking sociology at Blinn, Pepperdine was taking a 300 level engineering class at A&M. I’m guessing here - I know nothing about engineering aside from engineers telling me how much intellect it takes. Point is, Pepperdine presented a very tricky challenge for the second weekend of the season. The Ags won the series and got some valuable reps in for the super talented rookies.

This week is busy with weeknight visits from Prairie View A&M and Incarnate Word before the trip to Minute Maid in Houston for the big tourney.

[CHANTS S-E-C THROUGH MUFFLED TEARS]. Gang, it’s not fun to face this fact, but the SEC is not good right now. It’s Alabama and a day-old platter of Jason’s Deli. That’s what makes this past season so damn maddening. IT WAS ALL THERE FOR THE TAKING. Life delivered an incredible opportunity on a silver platter and we dripped on our dicks, fell face-first into said platter, and broke our noses. Not ideal. Stewart Mandel did some digging into why the league is so mediocre right now in slots 2-14.

Miscellany. Back when coaches were CORCHES.

COLD NOVEMBER RAIN. Our friend Sam Khan is already looking toward the upcoming season. Respect the masochism to be frank. Khan took a stab at identifying the trickiest stretch in the Texas A&M season. Let’s just say that some jobs will be won or lost this November.

INSPIRATION. One of my all time favorite pieces of artistic CINEMA is Slap Shot. Many of you have probably never seen this on account of either your age or because you grew up Katy and your idea of ice is either Sonic or the Galleria. Well it’s time to live. A clip I love:

METAPHOR - Good Bull Hunting is the bus. Cuppy cup is the coach on the payphone. Y’all - the commenters - are the dude swinging the sledge making GBH look mean. Thank you for being you.

Have a peachy week, scamps.