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Daily Bull 02.22.17 - We Dream In Black And White

In our real-life dystopian future, colors and hopes are outlawed

Olsen Field sunset

We all did that thing as a child where you imagine yourself as the hero in all of your favorite sports drama moments. A walkoff grand slam. The Catch. The Shot. The Play. But if the internet and television are to be believed then apparently these days the dang millenials lack the cognative ability to have an imagination what with their pac-mans and iPads and Versional Reality. In order to help sort out the dreams from the beige purgatory, I have assembled this simple ranking of truly great victories.

An Incomplete Ranking Of Childhood Dream Victories

1) 3-2 count walk-off grand slam in Game 7 of the World Series

2) double-OT leaping TD reception in the Superbowl

3) buzzer-beating half-court shot to win the NBA Finals

4) knocking out Ivan Drago in the 10th round


127) chipping in for birdie and then waiting 80 minutes to see where your nearest opponent finishes

128) beating Rocky in a split decision

129) winning the Daytona 500 under caution


748) that game where Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2, whatever you call that


750) getting fouled in the final minute and making one of your two free throws to put your lead at 4 points


11,568) having Don Beebe catch you showboating and making you fumble out the back of the end zone on your only chance to ever score a TD in the Superbowl but your team wins 52-17 anyway

11,569) winning a match, but it was soccer