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The Daily Bull is still unstuck on sports

The 50th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

None of you scamps read anymore beyond 140 characters or GIFs, so I present to you a photo essay with some commentary for our Daily Bull.

THERE WAS A MURDER LAST NIGHT ONLINE. A play - in three parts:

Act I - “The bait”

Act II - “The extinguished burn”

Act III - “might as well wink at the widow at the funeral”


REMINDER: the only college you need is Welding School

***WELL ACTUALLY*** you should gather scrap metal for welding shit together and building a fortress for when the earth is near completion in its consumption of itself.


My own missives:

  • Why the hell didn’t the developers of College Station build a kick ass, old school courthouse in the middle of a quaint square?
  • Been watching the show This is Us (go to hell, off season). It’s a nice, fresh concept tackling issues you don’t normally see in scripted prime time television. However, as my old man likes to tell me - ONCE YOU’VE MADE THE SALE, STOP SELLING. This show is SO over the top dramatic (most of it from the dudes!) full of mushy, self-serving, narcissistic soliloquies. PRODUCERS - you already sold me. I like the characters well enough. Stop forcing me to care.
  • HIVEMIND: what’s the best deli meat you can buy at a Kroger or HEB?

I hope your weekend is OUT OF BOUNDS.

ROLL TIDE ROLL. The Price is Right is what is also known as the Alabama Retirement Plan.

I love you animals.