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It snowed in Aggieland and we all kinda freaked out

This is news, y’all


There are three things you should know about Aggieland:

  1. It’s the friendliest place you’ll ever visit (unless you boo, walk on the grass, don’t take off your hat, don’t say “Howdy,” etc.)
  2. You will always get stuck waiting on a train if you’re running late
  3. It never snows

College Station (and lots of places across central and south Texas) got a rare blanket of snow on Thursday night, and in true Texan fashion, we Aggies were totally cool about it and didn’t freak out at all.

Mine’s bigger.

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And in case you were wondering if we could turn this snowfall into a competition with the University of Texas, well...

Oh also I forgot to tell you the fourth universal truth about Aggieland. Class is never canceled.