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Scattershooting - End of the Regular Season

Chest passes, Good Ol’ Boy Jimbo, and Army-Navy

NCAA Football: Army vs Navy
Go Army! Beat Navy!
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Phil McConkey...

- We are in full swing with Aggie basketball at this point. David, Derek, and Aubrey are doing some great work covering the team with articles, videos, and a podcast. So be sure to check out all the good content those dudes are throwing down. This team has the potential for an incredible season for A&M. Plenty of room on the bandwagon still, so hop on in and ETR.

- Everyone has covered the Jimbo news from every angle, so there's not much else to add at this point. My stance is pretty simple. I like the hire. And I have no clue if it will turn into success.

- I wonder what Gus Malzahn's Hoggvile user name is. I bet it's "Tuskan_Raider". Bert's was "PorkSwole69".

- The chest pass has ruined the championship weekend Dr. Pepper halftime challenge for me. It's time for some rules to be enforced. A football throwing motion with one arm must be used. Give me a nerdy grad student, side-arming a football like Uncle Rico over a giant inflatable can of soda.

- "Joel Klatt" sounds like a brand of wine you would order at Chili's.

- This past week was about as wildass as you can get in college football off the field. Between the Jimbo-A&M cash grab, and the Tennessee clusterfuck, other stories just couldn't grab the headlines. Most fans don't have a clue Ole Miss finally got served with NCAA penalties. Arkansas had boosters running rogue and interviewing potential coaching candidates with zero authority, and that was only the 27th craziest thing to happen last week in college football.

- Dial it back just a tad Gus Johnson. A 7 yard out for a first down in the middle of the second quarter doesn't warrant a scream.

- Is Baker Mayfield the Grayson Allen of college football, or vice-versa?

- It appears our admins and *media* have decided to go all in with the southern drawl, good ol' boy persona of Jimbo. And I'm not really suggesting it's false, but it sure is being played up this week so far. But here's the thing. If Jimbo can't beat LSU, nobody I know around here is going to give a shit if Jimbo dips Copenhagen, and can skin a buck and run a trot line. And while we're at it, the Aggie fanboys might want to chill out just a little bit. Give Jimbo some space, let him do his job, and let's see where this all leads. A&M just bought a $75 million ticket on a new roller coaster and we're all going for a ride.

- Honestly though, I bet a guy named Jimbo loves extreme fajitas, jalapeno poppers, and a glass of Joel Klatt Chardonnay.

- Don't forget to tune in on Saturday afternoon for the annual Army-Navy game. After all of the championship weekend hoopla, playoff handwringing, and overabundance of that sicko Larry Culpepper, it's nice to wrap up the regular season of college football with the spotlight shining brightly on one of the best traditions in all of sport. It would be easy to hammer this game with all sorts of platitudes about MURICA, troops, the flag, and grit. But that would be a disservice to how special this game is. So instead of trying (and no doubt failing) to tell you why this game is worth your attention, I'll simply ask you to tune in for yourself. The rest of your Saturday can be free of college football. But spend 3.5 hours on Saturday afternoon soaking in this game and the atmosphere. You won't regret it. I had one grandfather in the European theatre fighting in the Army infantry in Germany in 1945. My other grandfather served in the Pacific theatre fighting in the South Pacific with the Army Infantry during WWII. My father did a tour with the Army infantry in 1968 in Vietnam. I have no doubt some of you have some special bonds with this game. Feel free to share them in the comments. Go Army! Beat Navy!