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Texas A&M Greets Jimbo Fisher at Airport with Band and Red Carpet in a Perfectly Rational Manner

Just a football coach named Jimbo arriving in town, that’s all

Florida State v Mississippi Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Sure, the College Football Playoffs and bowl matchups are being announced at this very moment, but that didn’t stop Texas A&M University from rolling out an special maroon (get it, it’s not red!) carpet and striking up the ol’ band to greet brand-new football coach Jimbo Fisher as he lands in College Station for the first time in his official capacity.

This is perfectly rational and measured behavior from a football program that has struggled to tread water in the middle position of their division. This sort of awkward exuberance is certainly a healthy way to channel extravagant expectations that have no basis in any current reality.

This is Aggieland, and we have money, and from the inside looking out it just cannot be explained.