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Daily Bull 12.14.2017 - Australian Rules

Don’t take off the sunglasses

Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2017 Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Australian Party Kid demands and empty Daily Bull in which to continue discussions that certainly could have been continued on existing threads. So here it is.

Every client in the world wants everything done right before Christmas, so this is the amount of time I have to spend on a Daily Bull. Talk about Australian Rules Football, which - from the two matches I have watched on TV and some highlights on YouTube - appears to be a mixture of rugby, ultimate frisbee, and that time you saw two drunk dudes awkwardly throw down outside of Dudley’s Draw.

Have a Thursday.

PS - This is the only time anyone is doing this, APK. I vacillate between enjoying your arbitrary contrarianism and exhaustion from reading all of the actual flags on your comments. For better or worse you are a part of this community, and this DB is your tribute.