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Daily Bull 12.11.17: What’s a tight end again?

Busy weekend in College Station

Texas A&M v Miami
Prolific Texas A&M Tight End: last seen 10 years ago
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

SOMETHING SOMETHING WHAT IS THIS? Coach Jimbo Fisher got himself his first Aggie commit this weekend, a top-flight JuCo tight end. You remember tight ends: those are the guys who come in and block about 10-15 plays per game and set up the eventual gimmick touchdown play that we use only once per season only to have it immediately negated by a procedural penalty.

THE OPPOSITE OF GOOD. Senior DT Zaycoven Henderson was arrested over the weekend on aggravated assault charges for pointing a rifle at people. He will most definitely miss the Belk Bowl and has very likely hurt his draft prospects. Not a great way to go out.

HO HO HO CHUCK YOU DONE IT AGAIN. Some of us feel that bringing back the A&M-Texas football rivalry game would be fun and good because hated rivalries in college sports are also fun and good. Other people believe that #business, why should we help them, don’t do them favors, big dumpster fire, blah blah blah. That’s fine, but just admit somewhere in there that you’re scared of losing.

PERSPECTIVE. Gonna wrap this post on a high note to remind us that sometimes positives can lurk under the facade of negatives. Justin Dunning, who has played safety, linebacker, and defensive end at various points over the past three seasons while fighting through numerous knee injuries and surgeries, has made the decision to retire from football. Take a moment to read through what he wrote.

It’s easy to get caught up in the high-paced and dynamic whirl of college athletics, even as a distant spectator. We become results-oriented and highly demanding, expecting the most out of these athletes at all times. To be there on the other side, and to come so close to your dream only to have it slip further away again and again can do one of two things: it can create a bitter, angry person, or it can give you valuable and life-changing perspective. It’s clear which path Justin Dunning has chosen. This is the kind of respect that his hard-earned and priceless.

Whatever Justin Dunning chooses to do, he will be good at it. Have a great Monday, all.