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LSU Football Q&A with And The Valley Shook

We get some answers from our pals at the Tiger blog

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We’re approaching feast day, which means it’s time for our tradition-laden rivalry with...LSU. We beamed across the bayous of cyberspace to get some insight into Tiger football 2017 and other things.

Things looked grim after a home loss to Troy. What has Coach O done differently in the solid five-game run since then?

It's been a combination of things. Players like Rashard Lawrence and Derrius Guice have gotten healthy. A rash of suspended players came back, and a lot of younger players grew up and began to realize what it took to be successful. This offensive line is still starting a pair of true freshmen, and there are ups and downs to that, but they've started to have more ups than downs.

LSU is second in the SEC in sacks, behind A&M. Who's been getting to the quarterback for the Tigers?

Well, Arden Key has been in and out of the lineup or limited by injury all year, so it's a combination of veterans like Field linebacker Corey Thompson and linemen like Christian LaCouture and Greg Gilmore. It also helps that the defensive backs force quarterbacks to hold the ball. Dave Aranda's specialty is scheming against an opponent's protection to create mismatches and free rushers as well, so LSU will come from a lot of angles.

Besides Guice, who else should we keep an eye on on offense?

Backup running back Darrel Williams has been a really versatile weapon this season as a blocker and receiver. He's a threat to get the ball on jet sweeps, but at 220 pounds he's more than big enough to run in between the tackles.

Thanksgiving sides: what's your go-to dish?

You knew this before you asked. I picked up making oyster dressing for my family after grandmother died, and it's been my thing ever since. My go-to recipe is here, borrowing from a Paul Prudhomme cookbook.

What's your preferred turkey cooking method?

It's hard to beat deep frying -- although the Big Easy greaseless fryers do a great job as well. Smoking a turkey is underrated, although very easy to mess up if you skip brining or don't know what you're doing.

Tell us why you can't wait for this game to return to Thanksgiving Day.

Who wants to see family on Thanksgiving anyway, when we can watch a drab beating of the Aggies in front of a quasi-full stadium with a lukewarm crowd?