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Scattershooting - Week 11

Enjoy a win, RTDB, and a nice word about our rival?

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show
Lifelong Ole Miss Landshark fan Katy Perry in the Grove, probably.  Maybe.
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Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Brooks Bollinger...

- It's always nice to close out the season at Kyle Field with a win. And it doesn't bother me that it was against a craptastic New Mexico team. They were able to put up all sorts of fun touchdowns with deep passes and punt returns, while mixing in our RB duo down around the red zone. And they had a large enough lead to make sure those seniors that usually sit the bench got to see a little time on Kyle Field to close out their careers at A&M. And if this turns out to be Sumlin's last home game, at least he walked off with a win. We have two games left against SEC West teams, and I don't think anyone can say with certainty what the hell will happen. If you want to spend this time stressing about coaching changes and 'crootin 17 year olds in high school, have at it. But you're missing out on the real reason this sport is fun. The games. Enjoy these last two weeks of the regular season.

- I've made fun of Will Muschamp quite a bit the last few years. And he deserved most of it. Honestly, during his last season at Florida, I really thought he'd been bitten by a rabid raccoon and needed to be vaccinated. Or maybe even put down. But I have to give him some credit for the coaching job he's done this year at South Carolina. Talent wise, that team is nowhere close to a 6 win team. The Gamecocks look like they're headed for an 8-4 finish and could be a tough out in a Bowl game. And he's done this without the team's best offensive player. Well done Coach Boom.

- Going to the Grove this year is gonna be like a three hour episode of Designing Women, where Julia and Suzanne argue about NCAA sanctions, and Charlene, with her 80 proof breath, tells everyone she saw Scott Frost house shopping.

- Looking for a really cool story this year? How about the Army Black Knights sitting at 8-2. They've got a road game at North Texas on Saturday, and if they can walk away with a win, they'll have a chance to reach 10 wins in the annual Army-Navy game in three weeks. Army is all about running the damn ball. In the last two weeks they've beaten Duke 21-16 and Air Force 21-0, and they've thrown one pass while doing it. 116 rushing attempts. That's some good ol' fashioned RTDB!!

- Crappy MS Paint of the Week:

- My Top Four Updated: (1) Miami (2) Bert's Bar Tab in Fayetteville (3) #Pac12AfterDark (4) Turnover Trophies

- After a weekend with six top 25 matchups, and six of the top 10 teams playing each other, we have a weekend with zero ranked vs ranked games. Beware...this is a weekend where chaos can happen. I mean, there's no way Harbaugh could take Michigan into Wisconsin and leave with a win, right? And what about {looks at the rest of the Top 25 schedule}, well okay that may be the only chance at chaos this weekend after all. Let me know in the comments, where do the upsets happen this weekend?