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By The Numbers: Texas A&M 55, New Mexico 14

So that’s what a passing game looks like

New Mexico v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

1. Yes, it was New Mexico. We should steamroll them, and we did, and that's okay because we did what we should've done. Don't overthink this: just relax and smile for a day before the hand-wringing sets in again Monday. If you can’t take simple pleasure in an old-fashioned beating of an inferior opponent, it’s time to re-evaluate your motives for following the sport.

2. We had a shitload of offense. Yes. Shut up. See #1. We're gonna celebrate getting a shitload of offense because it was fun to watch and football is about having fun.

3. Here are some fun numbers:

THREE: Aggie receivers broke 100 receiving yards. That hasn't happened in [is too lazy to research answer] a long time, probably. Roshauud Paul and Jhamon Ausbon joined Kirk in the hundred club. Six different wide receivers also had receptions for 11+ yards.

FOUR: TD passes by Starkel.

SIX: career kick returns for TD by Christian Kirk. Four of those came at Kyle Field. Kirk is an exceptional football player and we’ve been fortunate to be able to watch him over the past three seasons.

49.0: punting average by Tripucka. We managed to rack up several punts in the second half to keep those numbers up. Thoughtful!

416: passing yards by Starkel. AT HALFTIME. He sat for the entire second half. No, the offense wasn’t humming nearly as smoothly in the second half. But we’d already piled up 48 points. See #1 and #2 again if needed.

562: total offense. Haven’t seen a number like that in months.

144: yards allowed by the defense.

+1: turnovers.

0: games left at Kyle Field until next September. Another eventful year!

IN SUM: The rushing game was off. Things won’t be as easy next week in Oxford. Blah blah blah yeah. Those things can be true at the same time that piling up a bunch of yards last night was fun. Hopefully Starkel is now fully back in the groove and ready to roll.