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POST GAME THOUGHTS: Texas A&M defeats New Mexico 55-14

We did what we were supposed to do and that feels great

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Strange feeling to go out on the field and do exactly what we’re supposed to do to an inferior opponent. We left no doubt, there was no question, and no concern at all. Good game overall for the Ags today. Few quick thoughts:


21/30 for 416 yards and 4 TDs with no INTs....IN ONE HALF OF WORK. I know New Mexico isnt Alabama, but man that’s one helluva stat line. I have to admit that I was wrong. I wasnt in favor of pulling Mond for Starkel, but it’s obvious now that he makes this offense move. He’s the QB we need moving forward...and it’s nice to have that figured out moving in to a tough final two games

Christian Kirk

Ended his day with 210 total all purpose yards including a 90 yard punt return for a touchdown. If today does mark his last time playing at Kyle, he certainly went out on a high note.


New Mexico threw for 24 yards and rushed for 120. This defense held them to 144 total yards. I dont care what team you’re playing, that’s pretty darn good. And what’s great about that is that it came largely on the backs of underclassmen players like Myles Jones and Justin Madubuike. Despite giving up a late TD the defense had a solid night.

Lack of a Rushing Game

So one concern. Happy we won by big numbers, but we only rushed 23 times for 63 yards. That’s just weird man. You’d think that against a team like New Mexico we’d see huge rushing yards...but 63? That’s pretty concerning.

Good win today. Tough two game stretch coming up with the Ags going on the road at a seemingly resurgent Ole Miss and LSU...but we did what we were supposed to do tonight and that feels pretty good.

BTHO ole miss.