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SEC Football TV Schedule, Saturday 11/11

This is the good stuff

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, gang. BIG GAMES EVERYWHERE. Snuggle into your fleeces now that the temps have dropped below 50 and enjoy these shows.


11 a.m. | SEC Network | Oxford

If there’s one thing Ole Miss fans needed this year, it was a free November party weekend in The Grove. Invite your rough-around-the-edges neighbors from the western edge of town while all your conference-mates are out hobnobbing with each other. Make them bring all the food, because they’re far better cooks, while you just reap the benefits and they enjoy the pleasure of your company.

Hey wait...that’s what A&M is doing this weekend also.


11 a.m. | ESPN | Baton Rouge

Have you ever witnessed the phenomena of two people with no common language communicating flawlessly through shared interests and body movements? That’s what happens when cameras capture these two, the babbling Midwesterner and the raving Cajun, during pre-game warmups. BERT is almost certainly on the SEC Coach Departure Bus, and Coach O is just there to eagerly give him one final shove up the steps, since he’s first in line for the next one.


11 a.m. | CBS | Columbia

The 11 a.m. triumvirate! We’ve said it before, but the departure of Vern really has coincided with the tanking of the SEC on CBS. South Carolina has a good shot at winning 8 games this year, while Florida will be fortunate to finish the season with an intact program and a functioning head coaching hire. Muschamp wins this one like 16-15 or something dumb.


2:30 p.m. | CBS | Auburn

Kirby Smart. Gus Malzahn. Who wins? Gary Danielson, that’s who. On one hand, he’s got a Saban disciple, on the other, he’s got the anti-Saban villain to build up in advance of the Iron Bowl. Either way, that’s some good Danielsonin’. If Gus tanks in this game we may as well just replace every single coach in the SEC West, or shuffle them around or something.


3:00 p.m. | SEC Network | Nashville

Both of these teams look to get off to a strong conference start. Calipari’s boys have the obvious edge, but Bryce Drew will have the home court advantage and will have the ‘Dores fired up.


6:00 p.m. | ESPN | Starkville

What a wonderful world it would be if Mullen managed to be the one stumbling block on the Tide’s path to another robotically perfect season. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late in the year for that to happen. Saban has this thing on autopilot and he’s gripping the controls with white knuckles, ready to immediately take corrective action at the slightest bump of turbulence. Still, cowbells.


6:30 p.m. | SEC Network | The Other Columbia

My God...Mizzou is a double-digit favorite here. If there’s any way we all imagined the Butch Jones era to come to an end, a fiery inferno at night at Faurot Field probably wasn’t in the top ten. Missouri’s offense is steamrolling under Josh Huepel, and Tennessee lost any semblance of organization a while back.