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Deep deep sigh

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

It happened again. Another embarrassing loss to a team from Mississippi. Another home loss by a few touchdowns. Another loss where we get out hustled, out physicalled and out schemed by a program that, on paper, we should be better than. I dont need to rehash Sumlin’s home record, but it’s not great. This loss was bad. Really really bad. Let’s break this down.

1. Sumlin couldnt afford this loss

The pre bye week success certainly decreased the temperature of Kevin Sumlin’s seat, but man it just got lit back on fire. Sumlin maybe could have afforded a loss against Auburn or LSU, but definitely definitely not to the Mississippi teams. Post Johnny we are now 1-3 against Mississippi State and 0-3 against Ole Miss. Forget Auburn, LSU, and Alabama...we’re not even talking about the supposed “elites” of the league. We are secured as the 5th best team in this division and that just flat out sucks.

2. Offensive Playcalling

Maybe it was good maybe it was bad who the hell knows, all we know is that it wasnt effective. We passed for 189 yards and rushed for 96. 285 yards against Mississippi State. That’s just pitiful.

3. Defense

Did what they could early. Got a few stops here and there and put the ball on the tee for a comeback, but ill timed turnovers and what felt like 50+ three and outs resulted in a gassed defense that just couldnt get anything done. No synergy between offense and defense. Pretty remarkable that the one year that we have a fairly solid defense, we have an putrid offense.

4. QB Controversy

We pretty much have one now. I think this is Mond’s team, but I cant deny how well Starkel moved the ball late in garbage time. He seemed to be able to get Kirk involved and move the ball downfield pretty well. And man that pass to Cam Buckley was gorgeous. I really dont know who starts next week. And I dont really know that it matters all that much

5. The Future

I have no idea what happens next week. I have no idea what happens in the offseason. I do know that this team is chock full of young talent. And it’s not even the guys that you know about...Cam Buckley didnt have the flash that some of our other freshman WRs had but the dude just plain produces. We know about true sophomore Tyrel Dodson. Our DBs are playing solid ball and damn near all of them are freshmen or sophomores. We have talent. I don’t if that makes me feel better or worse, but the talent is there. And it will be there next year regardless of who our coach is.


Bad loss. Really really bad loss. Dont know where we go from here with a pretty damn good team coming up around the bend.

BTHO auburn.