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Texas A&M vs. Auburn to kick at 11 a.m. to ensure your absolute and total misery

How can this be possible?

NCAA Football: Nicholls State at Texas A&M John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

In yet another power move to alienate and irritate fans of Texas A&M football, the conference has announced that the Aggies’ November 4th game against #19 Auburn will kick off at 11:00 a.m. CT.

Fans of the Aggies, who have played nothing but night games throughout the entire month of October, immediately bristled at being “forced” to play a game directly following, and on the same channel as, ESPN’s College GameDay, the flagship of college football programming.

Aggies, fresh off a bye week and therefore extra-eager for a reason to feel slighted, instantly took to social media, tweeting their displeasure directly to the SEC in general, Commissioner Greg Sankey, ESPN, CBS, and various other entities that came to mind. All parties are currently meticulously reviewing tweets and will no doubt issue an apology and revised schedule within the week.

The crisis has unfolded mainly because CBS has decided to make November 4th their doubleheader Saturday, meaning no other SEC game other than the matchup between Alabama and LSU being aired on CBS may be played at night. Fans of Texas A&M, which has been in the conference going all the way back July of 2012, six months after those two teams even last played for an intra-conference national championship, were not amused.

“Garbage,” said several hundred angry Twitter accounts.

Aggie fans, blissfully unmindful that roughly two dozen teams each week play televised games at 11 a.m., are appalled that faceless east coast TV executives failed to recognize the uniqueness of Kyle Field and its wasted featured night game potential. Expect a virtually empty stadium, as the logistics of planning for a game that kicks off 3 hours earlier than the traditionally-accepted midafternoon cutoff are nearly impossible to conquer on less than two weeks’ notice.

The #24 Aggies host Mississippi State this Saturday night on ESPN.