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Bye Week By The Numbers: a look at some SEC statistics

Halfway through conference play, where does Texas A&M stack up?

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Did we enjoy a Saturday off? Did we catch up on important things like the outside world or speculating on the PAC-12 South race? Regardless, here’s a brief rundown on where some A&M numbers fall in the SEC scheme of things.


We’re not saving the best for last. We’re launching right into it in case you don’t make it all the way through this piece, so that you’ll have something to be happy about.


Armani Watts still has sole control of the SEC lead in interceptions with four.

Solo Tackles

The Aggies have two players in the top four solo tacklers in the SEC: Tyrel Dodson with 34 and Watts with 35.

Sack Party

Texas A&M is the only team with three players totaling five or more sacks: Landis Durham (6), and Otaro Alaka and Dodson with five each. The Aggies are still leading the SEC in sacks with 28 total, two ahead of LSU’s 26.

Strip Center

The Aggies are also the only team to have more than two players with multiple forced fumbles (Durham with 3, Watts with 2, and Debione Renfro with 2).

Special Teams (and Christian Kirk so we don’t have to lump him in with the offense, he really doesn’t deserve that)


Daniel LaCamera is second in field goals made at 14, one behind Auburn’s Daniel Carlson. But LaCamera has only two misses to Carlson’s four. LaCamera’s 87.5% FG made rate is the best among kickers with more than 10 field goals made.

Hit Return

Christian Kirk is one of only two players in the SEC this year with a 100-yard KO return for touchdown. And his 43-yard punt return against Florida in the key moments of the game is the second-longest punt return in the SEC this year.

Field Flipper

Shane Tripucka is in the top three in total punts, total yards punted, and yards per punt average. Only Tennessee punter Trevor Daniel has a better average on more punts (makes sense if you have seen Tennessee this year).

If you have made it this far, feel free to drop off now so we can have the obligatory Offense discussion

The good news first?

Christian Kirk has the longest TD reception in the SEC this season: his 81-yarder against Arkansas. There. Wasn’t that pleasant to read? That’s the end of our offensive superlatives. Continue reading only if you enjoy self-inflicted despair.

Pass Out.

Your Texas A&M offense is 10th in the conference in total pass yards so far this year. Yes, that’s behind Kentucky and Vanderbilt if you were curious.

RTDB, sort of

That means the rushing game is carrying the offense, right? Well, if by “carrying” you mean “tenuously balancing upon their shoulders in an extremely precarious manner in which it may all come toppling into a disheveled heap if the wind gets any stronger” then yes. The Ags are sixth in the SEC in total rush yards, just hovering over 200 per game. Unfortunately all but one (UGA) of the teams ahead of A&M are in the West. Trayveon Williams, the team leader in rushing yards, is 15th in the SEC. The Aggies rank 8th in total offense in the SEC.

What the hell does it all mean?

Well, other than celebrating some outstanding individual performances, not a whole lot in the big scheme of things. We see every single week how teams can win (or lose) in spite of numerical tendencies or histories. That’s why the games are played. And sooner or later, this offense is going to accidentally slide back into that death machine rhythm it had for the first 30 minutes of the season and surprise us all. Maybe. Tune in to find out.

All stats courtesy of SEC Sports.