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Scattershooting Week 7 - Enjoy The Bye Week

CFB Carnage, B1G Trophies, and Stress Free Saturdays

Texas A&M v Florida
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to LaVar Arrington...

- Give a damn. Heart. Mental toughness. Testicular fortitude. This team is different. They are far from perfect. But you can't use the dreaded "soft" word in describing them. There was never a point in Saturday night's game where I felt we didn't have a chance to win. That's not been the case in very recent seasons. Enjoy this team for what they are. Flawed at times. But extremely enjoyable to watch. They went into the Swamp on a Saturday night and came away with a win. That's a big step forward for this team and this program. Kevin Sumlin has coached against 11 of the 13 other SEC teams since 2012. (Side note: I'm not sure Georgia and Kentucky are actually in the SEC. Can anyone confirm this?) He has wins against 10 of them. And he's going to get a chance to finally notch a win versus LSU in November. Saturday night was further proof we can play in this conference. Don't take that win for granted. That was a big one. Enjoy The Ride. ETR.

- Week 7 in college football was the perfect example of why this sport is so damn entertaining. Not a single team in the top 25 were matched up with another ranked team. Lots of large lines on ranked teams. Just a bunch of easy wins right? Oh hell no. It started Friday night and lasted into the early hours of Sunday morning. The #2 and #8 teams lost before College GameDay had taken to the air Saturday morning. It became upset weekend. Washington lost at hapless Arizona State. Auburn jumped out early against LSU, and then let the swamp kittens rally back for the win. Miami, OU, Michigan, Michigan State, and USC all survived close calls. San Diego State, Texas Tech, and Navy all fell after getting into the polls. It was the halfway mark of the season and a solid reminder that none of us know how things will shake out.

- We've reached mid-October which means we're approaching the heart of the B1G Ten trophy games. Like the Paul Bunyan Trophy and the Floyd of Rosedale. But are you aware of some of the lesser known B1G Trophies? Grandpa's Spitcup. The Sultry Jean Jacket Trophy. The Carton of Smokes and Sixer of Yuengling. The Old Oaken Outhouse. The Stack of Hotcakes. The Thermos of Moscow Mule Trophy. And never forget the third Saturday in November is always played for Uncle Bub's Corncob Pipe.

- Bye weeks are great because without Aggie football you can spend the day outside, hanging out with friends and family and catching up on yard work and shopping and no no. It's a stress free Saturday that you should spend enjoying college football with zero worries. Grill up some brats. Open a bag of pretzels. Lounge on the couch and take in Okie State at Texas. Watch Tom Herman's hair line move around while he tries to get a crucial win versus a shirtless Mullet Man. Slide into the afternoon with Tennessee at Alabama. Why? Because Butch Jones coaching against Nick Saban is more horrifying than any Halloween slasher film in the theaters. And Saturday night is the perfect chance to dazzle guests with your remote skills going back and forth between Michigan-Penn State and USC-Notre Dame.

- What in the hell is up with the new Heineken commercial that played roughly 184 times this past weekend? It took me 5 viewings before I figured out it was a beer commercial and not a car commercial. Am I supposed to know who the hell Jackie Stewart is? Because I feel like your average college football fan isn't going to recognize some Formula One driver from the 1960's. And the entire premise is just an old rich British dude walking around turning down free beers because he wants to drive home? C'mon. Pound some Heiney's and Uber your old ass home. And they threw a terrible song on top of the entire commercial, just to make sure I could recognize it no matter if I'm running to the bathroom for a pee break during a game. Good job Heineken.

- It's Saturday afternoon of the bye week. You're on the couch with your beverage of choice. What's your go-to snack item? And give me specifics, not just "chips or chex mix". I need to know if you're grazing on Ruffle's Cheddar & Sour Cream or some Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar.