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POST GAME THOUGHTS: Texas A&M 19, Florida 17


NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You take a win any way that you can get it, and this one wasn’t pretty nor was it clean, but it’s a win on the road against an SEC opponent where all three facets of the game had big moments (and struggles). Let’s jump into some quick thoughts.


Cant begin to overstate how big it is that we’re 5-2 going into the bye. UCLA aside, this team is actually pretty darn talented and that talent translates to the field. The bye weekend is coming at the perfect time and then three straight games at home should set up what might be a really solid finish.

Christian Kirk

Kirk didnt have his best game tonight. He made odd decisions on punt returns/fair catches, dropped passes and had that awful illegal procedure penalty which cost us a TD late. But when it came down to us needing a play from him he came up clutch with a long punt return to put the team in position to win the game. Kind of amazing to think that Kirk had probably his worst game in an Aggie uniform and still had a critical play to set up the win.

The Defense

Especially the front 7...they played a helluva game today. The defensive tackles were incredibly disruptive in the middle—the combo of Keke and Henderson has to be one of the best in the nation, and the linebackers were all over the place. Anthony Hines showed 2 or 3 flashes as to why he was ranked so highly by recruiting services...and man Tyrel Dodson is turning into a bonafide superstar. Not only was he filling gaps and making key tackles, but he both baited the QB into throwing and then made the game winning interception.

That one strange disturbing run from Franks aside, and the defense put together a solid statistical night (129 yards rushing, 242 rushing with 79 coming on that one run)


How good does it feel to have a clutch kicker? LaCamera had his number called over and over again and he crushed it every single time. Without a doubt he gets the gameball tonight. Clutch Performance


Up and down tonight. Only 83 yards on the ground rushing and 180 through the air. Give credit to Florida for putting the clamps on us. The playcalling, as usual, was odd and discombobulated.

I’ve seen some criticisms of Mond on twitter and I think they’re incredibly silly. He’s now 4-1 as a starter and has led us to what 3 come from behind victories? It might not always be pretty, but he gets the job done. This is his team.


Fun night. Stressful but fun. We beat an SEC opponent on the road at night. Can’t really ask for more.

Rest up over the bye weekend and then get ready to BTHO miss st.