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Rejected Florida Gator uniform concepts

It couldn't get any worse, right? Right???

On Monday, the Florida Gators and Nike unveiled some swamp green alligator skin uniforms that they'll wear this Saturday when they take on your Texas A&M Aggies. Like any alternate uniform, it involves months of brainstorming and planning, and you don't land on a winning design like gator skin without going through a few duds. Such as:

The Ol' Ball Coach Tribute

“So wait—we put a visor ON the helmet?”


“But isn’t that superfluous? I mean, the head is already completely encased in plastic, there is no need for a thin layer of cardboard and cloth on its exterior...”

“...Why don’t you sit this one out, and maybe skimp on the coffee for a while.”

Steve Spurrier continues to be a living legend in Gainesville, and early plans called for a uniform tribute to him, complete with khaki pants, visor, headset and an outlandish '90s polo design.

The Lazy Stereotype

“Quick—what do regular Florida fan people wear?”

“Hold on, let me check the most reliable source for accurate facts: football fan message boards.”

The passion of the fans is what makes college football great, and Florida is no exception. This uniform was created to celebrate the Florida fan in all their glory, from the jort pants and crocs to the Publix sandwich and sleeveless top, it screams Gator faithful through and through.

The Animal Kingdom

“Hey, is a shark a reptile?”

“I dunno. Maybe if it lives in the same swamp as a gator?”

“Who cares, it’s not like we’re catering to scientists.”

“But what about Ole Miss?”

“Oh. NEXT.”

A concept this flawlessly thought out would bring a tear to anyone's eyes.

The White Collar Combo

“Credit where credit is due. Get it? Guys? Hello?”

These will never see the field, but we know they made it pretty far down the road to reality, because nine players were recently fitted for them.

Rivalry series

“Hear me out: we make the alligator head A SPEAR!”

This uniform looks somewhat familiar. Many in the state commented that they seem an ole' favorite uniform.