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Daily Bull 10.10.17: Florida’s injuries, uniforms, and more

McElwain’s got his hands full this week

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

JIM N’ JOHN. Florida Coach Jim McElwain had kind things to say about A&M DC John Chavis in a Monday presser. Florida struggled mightily last Saturday against Chief’s former team LSU, and have had trouble all season finding any sort of offensive rhythm. This might not be great news with a very confident defense coming off a solid showing against Bama about to roll into town. There’s also that injury thing...

NOT IDEAL. Looks like there may be up to five key players for the Gators sitting out this weekend with one injury or another. This is a test for both teams, each coming off a brutal and physically-demanding game. But you already knew that because everyone everywhere agrees about the importance of this game. That’s why it’s being treated with such reverence as seen below—


For when you want to appeal to the kids and by kids you mean the 2-4 year olds. These look like if Robin Hood’s Merry Men had access to RealTree gear. If you get these wet they turn iridescent and secrete reptile pheromones. Mick Dundee thinks this is some sexy lingerie. CGI comic-con-ass uniforms.