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Baily Dull 1.5.17

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Texas Bowl - Texas A&M v Kansas State Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Back in my hardscrabble drankin’ days, living with a daily hangover became some sort of demented normal for me. Sick was just the status quo. My gut felt like a cement mixer, my head was in a bench vice, and my soul was more broke than a north Dallas developer in 2008. It had been that way the day before, and I knew it’d be that way tomorrow.

I replaced the Jack, Dewar’s, and Russian clear (breakfast!) with Topo Chico and clean(ish) living. It was necessary. Point is, since last Wednesday, I’ve felt hungover despite not ripping any hooch. My cement mixing gut returned as I watched the Ags futilely try to match up with Kansas State. I just knew this is how this game would unfold.

I’m left with only one pearl of coachspeak that I thought of all by myself:

Untalented discipline beats undisciplined talent.

Not bad from ol’ Coach Gards, huh? Yet again, we had to watch an Aggie team stacked with talent in certain areas (comically devoid in others - hi, linebackers) play a sloppy, listless game against a scrappy squad of castoffs. You know, against a team that gives a damn.

[Coach Gards visor back on]

The Blue Chips were beat by the Chips on Shoulders. Now give me my contract extension.

The expected fallout came afterwards. Myles Garrett declared for the draft. So did RSJ because WRs know no limitations and it doesn’t hurt the ego to have Eric Dickerson as your kin. Speedy Noil is gone gone too.

Do you remember when these guys were recruited? I do. I remember the YESSIRs on the heels of all that Johnny momentum. When you win recruiting battles against Top 5 programs for the services of blue chips like these guys, it’s hard not to start thinking about championships.

And yet, here we are - a perpetual 8-5 with a hangover that won’t kick.

Myles obviously lived up to his billing (despite some nagging deficiencies that get overlooked because he’s likable) and will go on to be a great ambassador for A&M. RSJ and Speedy had their moments and I certainly hope they find the right fit and figure it out at the next level.

But this is us. This is Texas A&M football. Another wave of massive recruits come and gone who ultimately ended their seasons in places like Memphis, Nashville, and Houston.

When does the hangover end? Many of the loudest Ags are already acting like 2017 is the plank and all that’s left is for Sumlin to have his wrists tied and start walking.

There’s hope, I guess. Recruiting seems to be kicking ass (have we heard this before?) and we can take heart that some needed attrition will open up opportunities for guys who want to be at A&M.

I just don’t know how you suddenly start winning in the SEC West (which isn’t even that fucking good right now sans you-know-who) when you recruit from a state that is long on entitlement and coddling while being short on actual football shit like teaching kids how to tackle and stick to assignments.

I still love Kevin Sumlin. I think he knows how to build a program. He better figure out how to build a team, or we’ll be coach searching by the end of this year.

I’m ready for this hangover to quit. Gig ‘em. There’s always basketball. Never mind.

Football is still fun.