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Daily Bull 01.04.17 - Are We Still Good At Baseball

NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

YEAH, BUT CAN THEY RODEO? The Aggie basketball team gave up triple-digits to an opponent for the first time in a decade as they symbolically apologized for taking Kentucky to OT the past few years by losing 58-100. Fortunately the Aggie faithful are familiar with being 8-5 after back-to-back losses.

RELOAD A-WHOOP The Ags are losing WRs Ricky Seals-Jones to the NFL and All-Name Team contender Frank "Doritos Locos" Iheanacho to the natural entropy of the college football universe. Although the experience would be nice to keep heading into 2017, the Aggie roster will recover from these losses well enough. Hopefully these two gentlemen will do well on their next team, and hopefully the NFL can use RSJ the way this staff never seemed to be able.

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