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Eat at Arby’s with Lane Kiffin

It is going to be great.

Lane says eat at arbys

Hello Arby's Nation. I mean Owl Nation. Whatever. Don't even want to do this dumb promo. Should be out recruiting. Or fishing. Anyway, I'm here to tell you about the new 2 for $5 Mix 'n Match. Pretty sweet deal. Pick from a Classic, Fish, Beef n' Cheddar, and Loaded Curly Fries. Then pick another. That's two. And it's just like five bucks. I mean, pretty cheap for a buncha food. We’ll throw in free FAU season tickets if you get Horsey Sauce.

I like to eat part of the fries and then put the rest inside the sandwich and eat the whole thing that way. Pretty good, but kinda messy. Usually do it when no one's around. Like when I'm in my head football coach office at FAU. Carl Pelini had some special walls and security measures put in so that no assistants would walk in on him doing blow or nailing boosters. I use it to eat junk food so Layla won't find out. She doesn't want the kids picking up my bad habits or whatever.

Speaking of kids, Arby's has a pretty sweet kids menu too. You can get chocolate milk. Sometimes I use the drive thru late at night and get three kids meals and chug the chocolate milks on the way home and then tell the kids that they must have forgotten the drinks. Kids'll believe anything, it's great.

Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am about both Arby's and Florida Atlantic football this year. It is going to be great. And remember you can't spell Double Classic Roast Beef without F-A-U. Eat at Arby’s.