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Daily Bull 1.31.17: Lane Kiffin’s Infectious Enthusiasm

The exhilaration hovers in the humid Florida air. You can slice it with a knife.

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Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

CATCH THE EXCITEMENT OWL NATION. “Look, Buttface. I was in charge of an SEC blue-blood and the cream of the PAC-12 before I was 40. I toyed with defenses at Tuscaloosa. You’re lucky to have me at all. This job should practically do itself now that I’m sitting in the captain’s seat. All you need from me is for me to show up and grace this camera lens with my white puffy face. Now go valet park my Trans-Am.”
///tosses up football and catches it

TELLUS HOW IT IS. Former Aggie tight end Martellus Bennett has never been shy. He’s one of the most interesting and unique personalities to come through College Station (and the fact that he was recruited and coached by Franchione is even more astounding). He recently made some tweets, and during the Super Bowl media circus he gave some honest answers when asked about them. Blah blah blah worry more about passing routes than passing legislation, et. al.

STICK TO SPROTS, II. Remember hoops star Joseph Jones from the heady Gillispie/Turgeon era? He plays professionally in Iran and is now stranded in Dubai and facing down the possibility of losing out on a bunch of his salary. What a fucking mess the world is. Sports are a great escape from that. Until they aren’t.

Eat at Arby’s. Watch National Signing Day. Revel in the possibility that one day maybe you will be half as cool as Drew Kaser.