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Preview/GameThread: Texas A&M at Ole Miss

We've got a chance to build a little momentum before a monster test at West Virginia. The Rebels are solid, but it's a game we're capable of winning if we bring it for 40 minutes (6:30; ESPN2)

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's nice to catch a break.

There's really no other way to describe our late rally against Georgia, a 10-0 run punctuated by one of the most bizarre late game clock issues you'll ever see.

Our road results this year are probably best delivered against a backdrop of Benny Hill theme music, but maybe that narrative changes tonight.

After all... you have to start somewhere.

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Oxford, MS


Line: Ole Miss is favored by 2 points


We have to knock the training wheels off this road bike, or we're destined for an extremely disappointing bottom four finish in conference play. The schedule has been overwhelmingly home-friendly up to this point, but we're about to enter a stretch of five road games out of our next seven.

Yes, that's five road games out of our next seven. How have our road games fared so far, you ask?

  • Average margin of defeat: 20+ points
  • Average number of turnovers: 24
  • Average amount of sadness: Infinite

This is the backdrop of our next month of basketball. If we can't get our act together and at least submit a passable performance on the road, the particulars won't matter. We'll get railroaded for the entire second portion of the season, and we'll find ourselves playing out the string in March.

The Rebels are solid, but they are beatable. If we bring the composure from our recent home efforts, we've got a chance. But if we play 2017 Texas A&M road basketball, you might as well tune out early.

The road ahead doesn't get any easier, but we've got a little momentum. The path back to .500 needs to continue tonight.