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Daily Bull 1.17.17: Super Coaching Shuffle

Welcome to Rick Astley’s game of musical chairs

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

ADIOS COACH JOE. Do you love despondent hand-wringing? Are you keen on getting a head start on your Sumlin Disapproval this off-season? Well, you’re in luck! He’s lost another assistant. Secondary coach Terry Joseph is headed to UNC to work with Gene Chizik. No word on any replacements have come across our desks yet but we’ll go ahead and put forth the rumor that experience with the concept of “tackling” will be required amirite amirite amirite amirite [/slams desk drawer on own fingers in self-loathing rage]

PS: Terry Joseph is not to be confused with Joseph Terry, who is just your average Joe Ag watching the Mazzone offense:

HELLO COACH JANUARY. Well, after last year’s astral anomaly that led to the first conference championship in 30+ years, the stars are back in alignment and men’s basketball is struggling again. And Coach Blair is back to kicking ass and taking names. He’s got the squad at 14-4 and 4-1 in SEC play after a nice road win over Florida. Now we just need a top ten recruiting class and a meaningless off-season scandal and all will be right in the universe.


Have a great Tuesday.