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Texas A&M destroys LSU 92-62

We looked good, y’all.

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps all is not lost.

After an ugly 0-3 start to conference play, Texas A&M put it all together and dismantled a completely hapless LSU at Reed Arena.

Block Party

The A&M bigs were fiercely protective at the rim, blocking eleven shots (officially), swatting at least 3-4 more after fouling someone (but hey, free block amirite) and altering countless others.

The message was pretty clear from the outset: Come strong to the rim, or don’t come at all. For an LSU squad that never really seemed up for the fight, the results went about how you’d expect.

Safety First

After an astounding 50 turnovers over the past two games, A&M did a great job taking care of the basketball. Collins (8 assists, 2 TO’s) stood out in this regard, but the entire team was noticeably more careful on offensive possessions.

We also ran layup drills in the second half while LSU laid down and took a nap... but still. Safety.

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team

Everyone played really well. All of our guys, at least. Not them. They were awful.

Check out these stat lines

  • DJ Hogg: 10 points (5/10 FG); 7 rebounds; 3 blocks; 2 steals
  • Robert Williams: 12 points (5/6 FG); 6 rebounds; 4 blocks
  • Tyler Davis: 8 points (4/5 FG); 5 rebounds
  • Admon Gilder: 14 points (3/6 FG; 7/8 FT)
  • Chris Collins: 12 points (4/6 FG); 8 assists; 4 rebounds
  • Tavario Miller: 9 points (4/5 FG); 7 rebounds
  • Tonny Trocha-Morelos: 14 points; 6 rebounds; 3 blocks
  • JC Hampton: 9 points (6/6 FT); 3 assists

That’s about as balanced (and dominant) of an offensive output as you’ll see all season.

We still have some work to do to climb out of this hole. There’s no denying that. But for two hours, everyone had fun watching Texas A&M Basketball. That’s as good a place to start as any.

Next up: A surprisingly hot Mississippi State in Starkville