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Preview/GameThead: Texas A&M vs. LSU

There's nowhere to go but up. Our Aggies (8-6; 0-3) host LSU (9-5; 1-2) and attempt to turn things around (7:30pm; SECN)

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game against LSU is the first in a stretch of four very winnable games (LSU; @MSU; Arkansas; Georgia), and we have to have at least three of them if we want to significantly change the course of this season.

The short version of tonight's preview? We have more talent than this LSU team, and it's honestly not even that close.

Again, the turnaround has to start tonight.

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Reed Arena

TV: SEC Network

Line: Texas A&M is favored by 10


I'm feeling pretty good about tonight's game. We hit a poor stretch of basketball right as the schedule turned brutal, sure, and we couldn't right in the ship in those conditions... but a game against a Johnny Jones coached team? At home. That's smooth sailing, baby.

LSU has lost three of four, with their only win coming at lowly Missouri (probably the worst team in the SEC), and they just got blitzed by Mississippi State at home (probably the second worst team in the SEC).

I know we're playing terribly right now, and that we don't really have room to talk... but there's still a pretty clear gap between us and the dregs of the conference. I place LSU safely in that category, and I expect us to win tonight. It won't be a win that announces our return, but it will be a start.

And if we lose tonight? That, friends... that is the darkest timeline.