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Daily Bull 09.07.16 - Texas Is On The Poll

but just to pay for tuition

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

#WEDNESDAYTRENDSDAY The Texas Longhorns began the season, like the Aggies, unranked. The mothership here at SBN had them at an appropriate-feeling 40 (not north, but not not north). Journos were understandably cautious about an unknown team with an unknown quarterback situation.

Then the Horns beat Notre Dame in double-overtime, definitively re-arriving at the head table forever. The AP bestowed upon them a rank appropriate to their new station, landing at #11 for a total ranking jump of 29 positions. But more importantly, the Longhorns now outrank 33% more teams than they used to!

Sounds like far more data than is necessary for a self-respecting blog... (click here to largify)


A NOTE TO THE 12TH MAN Bravo on this past weekend, Ags. It was hot as a fat guy in church clothes, but Josh Rosen called you out and you answered. It may be hard to keep up the intensity this weekend, but remember you aren’t working nearly as hard as the guys on the field and they need your help.

We’ve been through a few years now of #SWAG, and style, and whatever else you want to call this popularity contest. Saturday felt like something different, but more familiar. The Aggies showed heart on the field, and the 12th man showed heart in the stands. Those guys are out there because they love it, so keep showing them love in return.

New Kyle Field is starting to feel like home.

Gig ‘em, Ags, and bthoPVAMU!